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Related post: Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 08:06:37 EST From: Subject: Raw Recruits. Chapter 13.Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between young adults. Please write: I would love to hear if you like my story.Raw Recruits. Chapter 13 Bo shivered when he felt Magic's tongue working and worrying his titnip. Magic's head rose up and he lapped at Bo's face .... licking him from chin to forehead, and then burrowed down into the kid's neck and shoulder breaking out into full fuckrut one more time. Their bodies meshed, sweated and smoldered there together as Magic went for it one more once!This time, poor fucked up Bo was shooting with Magic as their bodies rubbed frantically together and between the excitement of Bo's inner boy buzzer and the friction to his tool against Magic's belly he got his nut for the third time since Magic put him down that afternoon.By now, their own needs had consumed all the other troops watching the naked white boys scrub and buff the floors, head and shower, and couldn't resist those cocksucking whitebreads anymore. One by one they were models sheer bikinis pulled from their cleaning tasks and put to knob polishing and buttholing which they all knew was their primary duty in this platoon for as long as they were in it.Magic turned sagemiller modeling his farmboy 'sockfucket' over and was butt-snapping the pussyboy's asshole while biting the kid's toes with his feet resting on his shoulders or meshed between his fingers. He laid down australian model baby hard into the kid's face imagefap sandrateenmodel and spit and dripped fuck sweat as he plowed him toy asshole again and again. Oh man, it bianca christians model was a clinic. He scissored him....mission-fucked him. He shoved him back onto his shoulders and banged him backward then swiveled around inside that hot tool tunnel and banged him forward. He laid him across his lap, then long-ways, then feet to head, and he fucked and reamed and ravaged illagal models and pounded that kid silly, while all the time demanding the young teen fucker beg for more and tell him how much he needed to be 'blacked'. Then he impaled Bo with both of them faceup. Bo's back was flat to Magic's chest. Magic nuzzled the kid's ear and neck listening to the pleas for more and more 'blackin'. Then he humped up and up into the kid's slicky cum-lubed pussy.As the sun waned in the sky toward twilight, the dudes coming back from their club were about getting a share of the spoils, and as Bo was pulled off the sweating black fucking hulk that was Magic, Bo was still bleating, "I love it sir. I need it sir! Please sir! Fuck me sir! I need blackfuck sir! I will only always fuck airwood media models for black sir!'The sound of Bo's begging became distant from Bo's ear as he drifted into a fuck-sated sleep in his cum, spit and sweat soaked asian model vides bunk, while Bo was still reciting his litany to the five new black troops who he was servicing on the other side of the squad bay, in his brother Carter's bunk...."I need to fuck black sir...please sir fuck me black"............ At the Trove......Sarge and some of the others were being pampered kid models topless in side rooms while Shrummie was dutifully butt, face, pit, feet and palm-fucked by his 'men of the moment'.The girls had gone about their other servicing cooking teen model duties...and the seamstress was now bringing over the gold lamay loincloth and the cock pouch made in part from Robe's own hair and cockpubes that they shaved from him earlier.The men took the boy to the hot tub to scrub him squeaky clean while he sucked several new men who came in since the whole rodeo started. It seemed like men and their hands were all over the smallish golden dude as he was refitted to the freshened center beanbag for further 'tooling'."Let's have a geyser,' " called one of the men.A girl rushed to a closet and brought a long straw like plastic implement to the men before disappearing once again to await any call for service.It was a plastic tube-like super models nn thing no wider than a pipe cleaner, but seemed like a tiny dildo of sorts.The men had Shrummer lick and suck the end of it. Then it was lubed and was the head of Shrum's cock. The men were tugging and pulling at Robbie's prick stretching it beyond teen model kim the limits of his skins again and again. He whined, whinged and yelped.Then the poor kid screamed bloody murder as they pulled his pee hole slit wide and stretched it and poured oil and lube into it alapont model photo and spit on it. Robbie couldn't see anything, except when his tear-filled eyes cleared once in a while he saw the video of it on the ceiling above him....but couldn't figure out what all the pain marisa miller supermodel was from. He actually thought topless female models for a moment they were going to either castrate him or mutilate his hanging prize.But no....n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o! That would have been tooooooo good for him. Raw Recruits. Chapter 13He was to know gay models hamburg soon enough...the whole of it....the pain of it....the joy tenie models of it!!!!At first it was just a cool wet-like feeling at his fevered, now steel hard cock's pisshole. "Whut!" he hollered. There was the hint of pressure inside his cocktip! Then it seemed there was a 2 x 4 inside the tip...just the very tip, maybe about an eighth of inch into it.Then there was pressure deeper inside, but it was oh noooooooooo....the pain...he'd never felt bikini pregnant model such searing pain in all his life.....he screammmmmmmmmmed!!!! He kicked. He jerked. He bited at arms and hands near him! He punched and wriggled and squirmed and screammmmmmmmmed!!!!!The 'cock-dildo' was now an inch and a half down inside his prick. The lining beyond the cock lips seemed like it was sealed together the way it generated such excruciating pain to be separated....and separated it was! Robbie was too hysterical to see or understand. All he knew was unbelievable pain like he had never known.Sarge's face appeared above his wildly jerking head, and he was held still with fingers in his mouth to keep him from biting as cock slid down into it. Sarge gently slapped both the kid's cheeks and said, "Quiet, boy. Serve your masters well." Sarge's cock leaked over the boy soldier's tongue as he cried....his convulsive sobbing bucked his body all over the giant beanbag......yet....he sucked and soon was sucking hard like a baby on his bottle being calmed in the free petite models midst of ungodly pain.Deeper the dildo went....deeper....the men around the bag had been chanting in undertone just that...."Deeper...deeper...deeperdeeperdeeper".....and then all at once they cheered wildly and yowled "GEYSERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!"The tormenting cock-dildo was eased back up and out of Shrummie and it was followed by a 4 foot shot of pink and pearly cum boyshot!!!!!Robbie's body was never so ecstatic! He jolted and bolted as he shot rope after creamy rope of joyjelly straight up out of his engorged, purple headed tube of pleasure. The fingers of five men held the kid's cock and it gave him the maximum joy to be held in that way while he got the grandest nut of all pussy models born his life!The men walked away then licking his jam off model lollita their fingers as the girls rushed in to salve and wipe the boy clean for his first 'recital'. It looked like a scene from those old Roman movies with Caesar being swabbed by his underlings....Soon there was applause building all around the room as the men closed in to see and feel their prized toy in his new garb.He had been fitted with a gold threaded pouch, laced russian model ls with his own hair and pubes. The pouch cupped his boy soldier dick and balls and was attached to a fine gold chain around his waist.A gold loin cloth was then tied on with a yellow leather strand also around his waist. The gold braided bangle around his forehead, the arm band on his right upper arm all made for an francie model pics elegant showing indeed for the black men's honky fucktoy.He was fitted with another band around his right ankle, a gold cockring around the base of his prick and behavioral modeling training balls, and finally a cockring around the head of his dick, just below the crown of the head. He truly glittered!Ten girls led him to a brass yould little models pole beyond the beanbag. It was like a fireman's pole....the floor around it slid back and Robbie could see a bar counter below with drinks, beer, black arms and hands and ash trays.....smoke filtered up through the hole as Robbie got his instructions.Sarge settled back on the beanbag defloration girls models with his parts in the mouths of seven girls as Robbie looked forlornly one last time for Sarge, who was expressionless as the golden Shrumboi slid down the pole and then suddenly from below came applause and cheers, and screams of, "Take it off! Take it off!"As Robbie's toes bent to the bar and he settled firmly, though trembling on both feet, he little models candid was stunned as men swarmed over him, licking his feet, ankles and legs while he began to follow directions and dance for them. Money was being thrown at topless women models him and stuffed into his pouch....The dancing music droned on as Robbie teen model sexxy was laid lengthwise on the bar as nudest model night fell....cocks in his mouth and hands. His own cock being passed from tongue to tongue to tongue. His balls being sucked and licked....mannnn! Two guys had a nut in each mouth, and a third guy was chewing whatever scrotum he could suck out bikini lovely model of the mouths of the other guys. There were hands and tongues and face all over him....cocks, balls buttholes....the golden boi was smovvered tiffany teen supermodel in blaaaaaack! Someone was jerking off between his feet bottoms.He'd soon be moved to a contraption that looked more like an iso-birthing chair which rotated 360 degrees so he could eat, suck and service while he took cock up his bunger through the cheek-stretching hole cut out for his entire bubble butt.One thing nude models 1990 Shrummie might have picked up as he lay in the hands and mouths of the crush of bar customers on the top of the bar, was that that a young, golden white sweetbread is like pussy to these men of all stripes.There young teenager models were straight and gay leather dudes....there were closet queens....there were jocks and average joes....and the unifying factors were that they were black and had serious lust for prettyboi honky service.Cherubic Shrummie might as well have been a basted turkey on a spit. It models breasts would be a l-o-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-g night to be sure.The men were pulling Robbie this way and that and his body was in constant motion, wiggling and squiggling as it satisfied cocks here, hands and tongues there. The bartenders who previously worked lacey model topless the Pleasure Trove upstairs like Robbie, were now employed downstairs and kept a modicum of order in the press for a piece of Shrummie.Inevitably, Robbie was pulled off the bar and spread across a table in the dining area. His legs free modelmya downloads were up and spread to open his soldier pucker. One guy pulled the teen's right foot into his fly to fiddle his jewels. Two guys were chewing at the other foot and its toes. Ohhh mannn!The bartenders made the men draw numbers for the whitebread's ass and mouth. The super of that was guys didn't have to leave the body kneading, titnipple pinching ballsack twisting fun to have to get in butt and face fuck lines. When a number was called from behind the bar, mouth and asshole fuckers changed like musical cocks.Some of the men had Robbie plead for their wares, "Please sir...let me suck yur cock sir, I love to eat hard black juicy cock. I live for yur cock sir. Fuck me sir...pleeeeeeeze fuck me....I want to be yur faggot honky cunt sir...." and on and on....."Iyam cunt for all black men sir....all my pussy sir...." through the night.The men would snicker and growl their nn preteeen model agreement with the teentool's acknowledgment of his need and requirement to serve black.The kid's nipples and navel were getting red and painful as they were constantly pinched and twisted and tweaked. Some the men were drooling with the smoothe hairless feel of the newly shaved skins of their 'serf d'oeuvre'....which they could not resist slobbering over and licking those long, wide red tongues over....whoooooppphh!The endless tongue-diving swabbing of those long hanging foreskin hoods filled with cum-starch and smegma was numbing Shrummie's brain. He was ordered to suck out any chunks onto his tongue before eating it. Then the slick and gooey imbedded black headknob peeked out onto the whitie tongue and cheers would go up as pantyhose models hq the tongue swirled out of the edge of the foreskin and went about sucking it some black tool.Men getting sucked allowed each ready and randy fucker to get his prick 'faced' by Robbie before he plowed the kid soldier into next week. Some dudes banged the kid across the table and had to keep pulling his ass back on their meats. Others were very smoothe and gentle and drove that little whiteboi ass in soulful lust.Their anxiety while they waited was sated by the opportunity they all had to play with some part of the smallish, reddish-blond fucktoy while he was working other men. Still some guys couldn't stand it and straddled the kids arms, pumped his palms and humped his feet....anything they could touch with their swollen dicks and fucksacks. The need built and built higher and higher.The tension in the superheated room could be cut with a knife....the smell of sex....boycum ....manfunk....quivering big grown men reaching loss of control....gotta.... get off....need fuck....pussy....soft, cocksoothing petals of velvet pussy....and the rasping swiggle and facepussy tongue....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....there were trembling men with both arms between their crouched legs humping against them over and over as they did all they could to keep control of their young model nudes needs. One poor guy was so crazed he screamed and beat his prick models hungarian nudes to a wild cum and shot all over the room before falling down pretens prostitudes models in a fetal curl sobbing convulsively."Number 10!" child porn models called the bartender, and reluctantly one facefeeder and one cuntstuffer were pulled from Shrummie's respective fun chutes.Up again in the air, hands supported the airborne Robbie model home picture as hairy russian models he was installed on the fuck-flex and spun round and round, head over heels about five times while guys spanked at him and small bikini models strobed him with their shirts and belts to kids modeling swimsuits the tune of his cries, yowls and yelps as each hit their mark.Dizzy and truly unaware of the total scene any longer, two Number 10 facefuckers appeared at the lower end of Shrummer to enjoy some tongue and undoubtedly the erotics of being blowed with a buddy's cock right alongside his own giving you it's own heat and tremoring pulses. They soon accepted they had to fuck white face together and got to it with an old nude modell exciting "Gwullphhhkk!" from deep inside the toy soldier's mouthcunt.Robbie's legs were hung down so the horny black dudes waiting could hump against the top of the feet and ankles. Both his hands were jacking at least one mantool, usually two.Through the buttcheek stretcher hole hot bikini modelsblogspot which had litte girl models gripping fingertip like edges, the men ham-slammed them some soft white pussy. The drooze of fuckgoo seeping in silvery strings from boypussy to the floor was to behold as each black probe slipped from that toybox each time to provide for the next.Every so often, the men cheered as Robbie was dowsed in beer. They shook bottles and squirted the maltshot up his hole and down his mouth....."Number 43!"Many of the men had passed out by dawn, while others went home in a flush of toy soldierboi sated joy.Meanwhile, others kept coming into the Trove through the night.Then around 10 AM, down the firepole from the Pleasure Trove slid Sergeant Carter. Behind him came five of the service girls from upstairs as well.Sarge and the girls sat young model naturist at a table in a makeshift shower area off the barroom.Robbie was released from the fuckflex and was put on his belly to creep along the floor to the shower. It preeteen models galleries was a 10 foot ring with a plastic fp model liner base and a camping shower above. It looked like a large kiddie pool with a shower.Some of the remaining soldier bangers entered the 'ring' after Robbie slipped himself over domai asian models the lip of the base. They propped him up on his knees sitting him on his heels. Turning his face up to the spigots, he was soundly sprayed with all the piss the men had filled the bag with all night. The men in the ring with Robbie had five spray hoses as well they used to drench the little golden boi.He was ordered to keep his mouth open and must have taken in a quart or more from the initial release above him, and at least another from the hand held sprays.With bare feet, the men eased Robbie face down into the reeking slosh of 50 black men. They paid special attention to scrunch his balls and dick down into the burbling piss. Then they pushed him around and around in it, and followed with a round of the same on his back, where they put feet to his groin and squooshed his ass into the piss till they heard 'Fwurrp! Fwumpp!' from underneath when they got his ass cheeks spread enough to suck up some of scuzzy dickwater. There was a round of hysterical laughter all around. They made Robbie bark and lap up more piss like a dog lying on his belly in it for another several minutes.The girls then released the water to a drain, swabbed child model info Shrummie in towels and took him upstairs for primping young defloration models so he could be ready for the Sunday afternoon crowd. Robbie's nn male models blank face stared at Sarge as he was led past the big man. Sarge was unresponsive....Shrum didn't even know him....but there just the twinge of memory for a second....and he was gone. Sarge took off for the barracks to check in and would be back to the Trove....or not.By the time he hit the path to the barracks, the whole of Barracks One was spotless and ready for the next day's inspection.Through the night the seven fucktools served their masters again and again. Bo Carter was the top added attraction with his slimmy smooth white pussyboi body just screaming at them blacks to bang his brains out!They had set up a daisy fuck in the center of the first floor after Magic was put to bed and his prick was extracted from Bo.The five guys that pulled Bo off Magic had him over in his brother's bunk where they got him to beg for cock to start the next round.The ten kids that worked the troops all that day, were sacked out, so aside f rom the five dudes working Bo, 21 horny black teens needed some white toolin'.The seven fagwhites were arranged like spokes of a wheel, with their heads against each other in the center of the floor, and each dude's body stretched out away from center. They had them interlock legs with each other so they could each share the action of the whitetools next to them as they were taken through their paces once more.With one troop's head down and the next one's up, they were able to kneel into each cocksucker and feed face using all seven white bootboys at once. Then they choreographed a classic double-dutch fuck'tacular!Each of seven black dudes lay down balls-to-balls with each whitiefag who was then impaled on the black troop's meat. Whiteboi legs up, the next seven black teens andrea katyo model slipped their pricks up right along the tools already up inside....a doubleduty fuck-a-dilly circus to be sure!Ream and ram! Hump and slam! Fuck-a-dub-a-dub! Ohh man! Beauty in motion. "Uhh! Awwpphh! Nnghhh! Uh! Ungh! Uh! Ohgod! Uggcchh! Gwuffkk!" Gulped and grunted the white tools in service."Suck it fool! Eat black, lgb model trains faggot!!! Fuck you crackahqueen! Fuckin' honky!" Growled the ravaging black boys who relentlessly pummeled them white pussy as the long hours of night teen models top50 reached out to the orange finger rays of the dawn....All the white kids were shared by all their masters in turn. The boys being blowed teen models nn moved to the bunk where Bo Osborne was telling each black boy how much he needed to have black in him to make him feel complete....."Please master, fuck me black sir...please!" Bo would beg each troop to 'complete' him by filling his throat and boipussy with black.The black troops would say, "Good tool, yayesss! We secy young models be fuckin' yu cuntboi...yes we will!" and would often smack his face and head and spank his ass while making him a whole new boy!After doing Bo, then they would move back to the floor to addie model share every one of the seven spunkers in the 'daisy wheel'.Finally somewhere after the 8 AM, the black squads demanded their white serfs wash them and dry them in the showers. When the last of their masters left the shower for much need sack time, the white dudes were on their lazonamodelos bella knees heads down as the last black ass cleared the entry way.The kids consoled each other as they struggled to stand and wash themselves.When russan child models they got back into the up and down stairs bays, all was quiet save for the varied heavy breathing and occasional snoring of the 35 black troopers, their cocklust finally sated....for the moment.The 36th black madison michelle model soldier was still up his bunk, pounding the whimpering little whiteboi Bo. He had the kid's feet back over his head and model 597 17 was tearing him a new one while the kid squealed tiny pleas youngmodel toplist for more and more and m-o-r-r-r-r-r-e.......oh mannn...whutta surprise! The black troop was super soldier, Alex! "Tell me how much you need it, MUCH!!!" Alex growled into the boy's face."I-yi-yi need it so good....soooo much" When Sarge hit the barracks steps and bounded into the squad bay, he was surprised at the quiet....and the fact that EVERY bunk was full. His eyes squinted to adjust from the bright sun in the dimly lit barracks. Apparently not seeing what he sought, his long stride took him up the stairs....and there he found his prize. In Shrummy's bunk, it was Bo, lying on his left side facing away from Sergeant Carter.He walked over to the bunk and reached for the kid's shoulder. Pulling the boy over and toward him, "Whu-ommphhh!" His cutieboi face was mashed into the front of Sarge's pants. ftv nude models Sarge leaned down into the boy and said, "Let's take you downstairs for some toolin' my man."Bo was so numbed and bummed he just got cuddled up and carried down into Sarge's quarters without a move gils asian model or a whimper. Laid to the big black man's bunk, Sarge stripped naked and nuzzled his face into Bo's neck and shoulder as he lifted rapidshare sandrateenmodel the boy's legs up high and slipped his nine inch tool to the balls up into Bo who just redheaded bikini models seemed to let air escape from vannessa young model his mouth in a long whispery "Ssssssssssssssssssshhhh.""You like fuckin' for ol' Sarge don'tchu?""Ohhhhhhhhh....""I know's good for you too. figure modeling nude You gonna be needin' blackin' pritty reg'lar ah suspeck...fum here on," Sarge said. "But you won't forget promised Sarge for you and yur brother....'member?"Bo had not the slightest idea latina vlad models what Sarge was saying as his guts slithered up and back against that fiery black boy pleaser.Sarge continued, "Yur gonna get together with that best buddy and Carter when he comes home on his pre-assignment leave, 'member?.....and you gonna tell him how you both loves black and want to 'do' him too, and tape it all for ol' Sarge."Bo was unresponsive for several moments as Sarge relentlessly plowed his fuck chunnel and then his eyes went wide, and he yelped, "Ohhhhh.....!" he yowled, fear in his eyes....pain in his face.Sarge smiled, and said, "Ohhhhh....YESSSSS! I must have the tape within 5 days of Carter coming home on leave!""UHHH! UNNGHHH!" grunted Bo as Sarge punctuated each reminder with a butt shattering fucksnap up the kid's hole that shook the kid from his senses and he hugged tight to Sarge for dear life as rocking rutfuck after rutfuck tore up inside his super swolled-up wornout toy pussy......Sarge small tit model was up and out of the room a towel around his waist and he padded barefoot down the first floor aisle to Osborne's bunk. With a hand to Carter's mouth, he woke him and let his eyes adjust, startled as he was. Then Sarge pulled the covers back and waved his arm toward his quarters up front of the barracks.Osborne was just in a biz teenie model pair of Army issue green boxers, and his boy tool flopped inside at nearly full tent with his morning woodie.The building was still deathly still save for the exhausted fuck'sated troops' snoring. Not even the rustle of the blankets was evident.Sarge was bugged by that, but didn't know young sweet model it. He just turned back to look down the aisle of pretreen pussy models sleeping boot campers and shook his head.Inside, he found Carter shaking in the front room waiting for him. Sarge made him jump when his hand coddled Osborne's shoulder and he was guided into the bedroom where his brother lay splayed, legs up, cum slop in his toyteen furrow.Sarge gently eased Carter's face into the kid's crease and didn't have to say a thing. Osborne went about sucking out his bro's bunger, from tailbone to spitslick balls and a tongue's length and curled width inside. Sarge poured himself a shot of whiskey as he sat nearby watching Bo's toes curl and his squealing, whimpering whines of need begin."Sounds like yur bro needs the deep one faggot. Give 'im whut he need," huge models tgp Sarge ordered."Please, Sarge....let me do't I....? Fuck me,'s my brother, sir....please don't.." Carter never got to finish.'SMACK!!!'"All you fuckin' closet queens is alike. Cain't yuh hear him begging for it like he do at home little summer model you honky queer?! FUCK HIS ASS!!!" Sarge roared.A trembling Carter shucked his boxers and lay into his whimpering brother Bo, as Osborne's near 6 inches sank through his brother's swollen, Sarge-cummed butthole. Sarge beat on Carter's ass until he was ramming fast, hard and deeeeeeeep into his brother.He snugged right up against Carter's back and eased his own cumleaky lubed prick the full nine inches up moppets teen models into Carter, saying, "It seems even a beating don't show you how I wants yu to do brother bung....errrrnffff....maybe this will help yu git it right," youth fashion models Sarge nn modeling young said coldly."Ohhhhhhh...." Carter moaned. The soreness of his soldierboi box stinged through his body as he gave himself fully to Sarge as he ram-banged his already, all-night black-fucked brother the way Sarge wanted him to.Sarge pushed Carter's face down to Bo' his ear he growled, kiss him soldier! Make love to yur faggot brother....yahhhhhhh....'at's the way....just like back home....""Errqiigghhhh!" came the freaky squeals as Sarge tgp kids model redoubled his butt-pounding cock angel model russia service to both young tools nonnude girl model below him. little virgins models He was so caught up in his reamage, that Sarge was spraying spit and drooling goo every time he raged, grunted or barked an order.Sarge pulled out and knee waddled across the bed to settle alongside Bo's tear-streaked face, and his big brother's face-sucking lips and tongue.Carter was crying too. He'd never taken his brother. Never even thought about it....and now....he didn't know where Sarge was going to have this all go.Carter kept fucking his little brother but couldn't nut.When Sarge was reasonably satisfied their mutual debasement was complete, he put a bow around lee model it when he pulled both their tear streaked spit-smuckered faces onto his balls and prick. He made them dual each other's tongue and lips for his cock-knob. Then as he bounce-fucked his butt up into their mouths and faces he said " Cummin.....nnnghh cummmmmmminnnnn, boys....gimme two mouths on it....suck off that black man elixir....TOGEDDER! Gimme bowff mouths over top boys. I want to feel two tongues... OHGODDDD! OHGODGODGOD....Ohyesssssssssssssss!"He looked down his long sleek black trunk to the two darting tongues as they worked over his fevered peter head. There wasn't one smidge of pearl jam nowheres! They'd got it all!How proud they made the Sarge!He let Carter lay in his pubes and suck his balls while he pulled whitney teen models Bo up to his pit to juice and swab, asking, "Whut time's yur bus home boy?""Eleben sir," Bo answered and dutifully digged his tongue into Sarge's nappyhaired pit.Pulling Bo by his ear to his titnipple, the kid chewed artistic models nudist gently on Sarge's nonnude model young dark brown spud as the big man said, "Okay...I'll give you a ride to the stop. You both can get you clean, and Pvt. will wash yur brother including friggin' out and suckin' out his butthole, jack him and suck nn models girl off his load, crawl in here wet fum the shower and show me his wad on yur tongue....then we'll send him home."Bo was crying for his brother as both kids wiggled into the shower, cuties little models bellies to the floor like dying trout in a boat.Sarge loved it!He flapped his fine ebony tool as he nestled his head back into his pillow and awaited Carter's cum-bathed tongue report.'Squeak! Squissk! Sqeesshh!' Sarge looked up and there was his young troop Osborne prone to the floor, head strained up with his mouth open showing a hefty boy wad of brother jelly.' keep it right there, stand up and dry yurself, and call yur fairy brother in here," Sarge directed."Bowff!" he screamed with a mouthful of spunk.Soon came the squeaky slither of Bo making his fish slide across the floor from the shower."Now, get a finger of yur spooge and stick it up Carter's hole," Sarge ordered young models vids him.The sexy petite models kid started tearing up again as he fingered his cum off his bro's tongue and up his butt, between his vlad model pics toes, into top kids models his pits, belly button, ears, nose and nipples.Shaking in sobs from what he had to do to his brother, Bo then heard the final order."Good,'s clear to me you really demonaz lalana model live fer diss queer let's finish it scottish amateur models off on a high note. Boboi, stick yur tongue way out, yeh, like'at....just like when you suck out all them farmboy assholes back home....yahhhh! Now stick it way deep inside yur bro's mouth being careful to lickup whut's left of yur cum in there and suck it between you while you hump yur bodies together.....YAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You love it! I can tell!"Tears streamed down both boys' faces."OKay, good. Private Osborne...go get yur brother's clothes and get him dressed in five minutes! Meet me outside, Bo," Sarge said as both brothers took off to find Bo's clothes and get him dressed.When Osborne headed back to his bunk he stopped short for a second, and tears welled up in his eyes....again. Skorpio and Rood were lying face up and naked wagging their black woodies from the bunks on either side of Osborne's.As they drove to the bus stop outside the post gate, Sarge told Bo, he might be getting a note from Sarge to visit camp again from time to time in the last five weeks of this basic training session....and then they'd see about his own enlistment and assignment possibly to 'train' with Sarge!!!!! Eeeeyiiiii! "It might be just fine if'n yo' bringed along the little fuckboy you pimp yo'seff and Carter out to when you make thet video fer ol' Sarge....ehhhhh???" Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to Positive and negative comments welcome. For other stories, see JARROD on the Authors Page.
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